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Europay adopts a modular production method. Europay's wardrobe body first adopted the unit module structure. Now there are many combinations. Thousands of cabinets can be combined through hundreds of product modules

Europa wardrobe adopts a modular production method. The wardrobe body of europay home first adopted the unit module structure. Now there are many combinations. Thousands of cabinets can be combined through hundreds of product modules. The combination changes of these modules can meet the personalized needs of customers

this decomposition standardization process is to introduce advanced equipment and produce some marketable conventional wardrobes and accessories in batch through standardized decomposition design, and then store them for use. For example, the cabinets can be divided into various sizes from 30 cm to 60 cm to produce a batch of inventory, and then the designers can combine them according to the actual size

the implementation of standardization makes informatization necessary, and a set of mature ERP and informatization process software design system has become one of Europe's core competitiveness. When every customer comes to the europay store, the marketer will first guide them to the exhibition hall to see the samples, then design the scheme according to the room type drawing and the needs of consumers, and then the designer will measure it on site, make the basic drawing and effect drawing, and calculate all the expenses at the same time. After communicating with customers, confirm the design scheme twice, and finally generate production drawings to clarify the location of water and electricity lines, the location of gas pipelines, and how to paste porcelain chips

after the customer confirms the design scheme and price, it will be transmitted to the headquarters through ERP system; The headquarters is then divided into departments: part of the inventory is adjusted, and part of the production is organized. So far, customers can realize full personalization, and it is possible to provide consumers with "integrated home solutions". According to the lifestyle of fashionable people, europay wardrobe has set up more detailed functional areas for the wardrobe. The hanging distinguishes the length, so that the long evening dress and short skirt have their own goals; The built-in safe can store valuable jewelry. For all kinds of scarves, bow ties and other small accessories, a transparent display cabinet is set up, which one you want to wear is clear at a glance...

for business men who are known as "flying men in the air", they can properly keep those suits with fine texture and slim cut clean, which can save a lot of time to go to the laundry. To this end, Europa wardrobe has set up a hanging area with enough space to facilitate busy business men to change into "war robes" at any time and rush to the venue




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