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Will you choose water-based wood paint for decorating children's room

recently, China's first technical specification for the safety of decoration of children's rooms, formulated by the China Interior Decoration Association, the China Indoor Environment Monitoring Working Committee and the national indoor vehicle environment and environmental protection product quality supervision and inspection center, was officially released, becoming a normative document to regulate the safety decoration of children's rooms, children's families and children's venues in China. Parents are aware of the importance of environmental protection building materials, so when decorating children's rooms, they always choose healthy and safe furniture building materials and decorative materials. However, there are not a few cases of indoor harmful gases exceeding the standard in newly decorated children's rooms

the survey shows that the lead concentration in the air is 16 times that of 1.5 meters at a distance of 1 meter from the ground, and the height of children is just within this range; Infants often touch the wall with their hands, and they are prone to ingest a large amount of lead when sucking their fingers. In addition, the absorption rate of lead in infants is as high as 53%, about 5 times that of adults. The reason is that the formaldehyde in furniture or wall materials exceeds the standard. Household decoration pollution is the most common source of lead pollution for children. Don't choose furniture with too bright colors, because most bright paints contain heavy metals such as lead

all kinds of decorative materials on the market will release some harmful gases. Even the materials that meet the national limit of harmful substances for interior decoration materials will cause the harmful substances in the indoor air to exceed the standard in a certain amount of indoor space. Try to use simple decorative materials when decorating the children's room. Especially the furniture paint in the children's room is the main source of benzene pollution in the indoor air. Choosing water-based materials can fundamentally solve the problem of benzene pollution

water based paint is a paint with water as diluent. Water based paint includes water-soluble paint, water dilution paint and water dispersible paint (emulsion paint). Water soluble paint is based on water-soluble resin as film-forming material, represented by polyvinyl alcohol and its various modifiers. In addition, there are water-soluble alkyd resin, water-soluble epoxy resin and inorganic polymer water-based resin. Water based wall paint is mainly diluted with water, with ultra-low VOC (a volatile organic compound harmful to human body) content, free TDI (a toxic substance harmful to human body), formaldehyde and other heavy metals, and containing any toxic and harmful substances. If water-based paint is selected for the wall decoration of children's room, it will not only have no odor when painting, but also can be occupied after painting, without any impact on human health

the wooden furniture in the children's room is sometimes easy to fade and damage the surface paint due to the improper use of children, resulting in the dilemma of not being lost and not being wasted when buying again. In fact, it can be easily solved by choosing special waterborne wood paint. The furniture is brushed with a protective film to resist improper friction and damage. On the one hand, the furniture is as old as new, on the other hand, the paint is not easy to peel off, so as to prevent children from eating by mistake after touching it, and adults can be more carefree





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