Moman wallpaper sister brand maiwo wallpaper 2014

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The ancient legend, the romantic love story between the prince and "Princess moman", is the genetic culture of moman wallpaper. Beautiful legends always give people reverie. The prince and princess are the dreams of everyone in our hearts

moman wallpaper brand is popular among the public, and its sister brand, maiwo wallpaper, has increasingly become a favorite of consumers. In August, the 18th Shanghai wallpaper fabric carpet decoration exhibition, the new products of maiwo wallpaper at the exhibition were welcomed by the public

the natural, noble and fashionable moman wallpaper and its sister brand maiwo wallpaper series products are brought together to continuously meet and improve the living standards and cultural taste pursued by Chinese people, and deeply practice the humanistic concept and mission of moman people to "create a green life and promote harmonious human settlement"

maiwo wallpaper adopts special design, advanced technology production, and various product styles. The design combines western fashion elements with the aesthetic taste of Chinese mass consumption, and designs a series of products that are popular with consumers

maiwo wallpaper has excellent quality and can be called a high-quality product with low price. It pays attention to product quality, pays attention to details, designs perfect products, constantly improves the core competitiveness of maiwo, allows consumers to enjoy more concessions, and makes maiwo wallpaper the king of cost performance

maiwo wallpaper, a sister brand of moman wallpaper, perfectly reflects its design concept at Shanghai wallpaper exhibition. Its new products are loved by the public, and maiwo wallpaper is going further and further in its development path




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