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The trend of fine decoration has made the whole industrial chain have a clear understanding of industrialization. More and more home building materials production enterprises are soberly aware that taking advantage of the favorable opportunity of the country to promote housing industrialization, closely connect their own production, sales and real estate, and jointly promote the industrialization of fine decoration and repair housing, which is the trend of the whole industry and will also become the direction of the wooden door industry. As more and more consumers accept fine decoration, entering fine decoration is indeed another new growth point for wooden door enterprises to obtain huge profits. However, the cooperation between wooden door enterprises and real estate developers involves many factors, such as product quality, price, after-sales service, interpersonal relations and so on. It needs to be carefully planned in advance, and it should have strong strength

expanding market share is the top priority.

wooden door, as a building material product widely known by consumers, has been recognized and accepted by consumers. The introduction of fine decoration policy will inject new vitality into the wooden door industry. With the development of hardbound houses to today's level, all wooden door enterprises have begun to change their marketing ideas. Engineering enterprises want to receive retail orders in the idle production, and those retail enterprises want to receive engineering orders in the off-season. How to expand their market share is also the top priority of major wooden door merchants

the brand concentration in the wooden door market has increased significantly

an obvious change brought about by the increase in fine decoration projects is that the channels are more concentrated, and building materials manufacturers rely more on channels. As enterprise customers are easier to solve the problem of information asymmetry than individual customers, there will be a Matthew effect of market share concentration to advantageous brands, some small and medium-sized brands will be eliminated, and the brand concentration in the wooden door market will be significantly improved

the cooperation between wood door industry and decoration companies needs to strengthen publicity.

the production mode of hardbound houses is science and technology intensive large-scale industrial production, that is, development companies, construction companies, design units, component production enterprises, furniture production enterprises and building materials brand chain stores can form a large-scale industrial chain, reflecting the advantages of large-scale and industrialization, and saving time and environmental protection, Wooden door enterprises will closely grasp the channel of hardbound

for large-scale wooden door enterprises, we should focus on building brand image and making the brand bigger and stronger. Because those enterprises that only make engineering orders before usually cooperate with decoration companies and directly receive engineering orders, their agents and franchise stores are rarely seen in the market. If you want to better serve as a retail order, you should also pay attention to the personalized needs of consumers, and work hard in the setting of image stores, services at all stages, brand publicity and other aspects to make its brand recognized by consumers





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