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Medical waste management loopholes revealed blood stained needle tube turned into food packaging bag

blood stained needle tube turned into food packaging bag made an unannounced visit for two months, and uncovered the tip of the iceberg of medical waste management loopholes. The violators involved a number of hospitals at all levels in Shencheng

disinfection - bag closure - centralized to the hospital temporary storage point - professional vehicle transportation - sent to the garbage dump for incineration and destruction. This is a complete chain for the normal treatment of medical waste according to law

however, some outsiders in Ganguan area, Yangshi Township, Yuhong District, Shenyang City wantonly went to the hospital to purchase infusion drip pipes and other medical waste, which once again entered people's daily life after "recycling"

who will take away the hazardous medical waste? Where are the drip tubes with blood and disposable needles with germs sent? In the normal chain of medical waste treatment, which link is broken? What does the recycled medical waste do? The newspaper spent two months interviewing and discovered the ugly activities hidden behind the medical garbage, which are even dirtier than garbage

clue medical waste was purchased

in mid December last year, it was reported that many hospitals in Shenyang had outflow of drip bottles, needle tubes and infusion sets after use, and those who purchased these medical waste had made a fortune by reselling these things

at noon on January 21, I came to a district hospital in Shenyang and talked with a cleaning woman in her 50s

"can you help collect the drip pipe? It is used for crafts." As soon as they heard that they wanted to recycle the needles, the cleaner quickly said no

"do you sell bottles? Do you sell infusion tubes?" "Well, let me help you contact the head nurse Zhou of the hospital." Said the cleaner

it is learned that the place where the head nurse trades medical waste each time is very hidden. In the small warehouse under the stairs on the south side of the first floor of the hospital, the time when the buyer comes to pick up the goods is mostly Saturday or Sunday morning

on January 29, he came to the hospital again as agreed by the cleaners. He talked to the head nurse Zhou in the name of "purchasing drip tubes". Nurse Zhou said that she wanted to fight for it

tracking the acquirers and leading them out of the distribution center on February 2, nurse Zhou said that those who purchased medical waste would not sell "pipes" to individuals

on February 3, he came to the hospital and crouched over the mysterious purchaser

at about 8:30 a.m., a van with license plate number "Liao alm886" appeared at the gate of the hospital, and a middle-aged couple jumped out of the van. A few minutes later, nurse Zhou appeared in the yard. She opened the door of the hospital's warehouse for storing medical waste. There were a large number of paper boxes marked with medical supplies. The middle-aged couple loaded the box into the car and paid for it to leave. Decided to track the van

at about 10:30 on the same day, the van will be taken to Ganguan District, Yangshi Township, Yuhong District, Shenyang. The van carried a large number of used medical supplies into a hidden compound

some information has been learned through observation in recent three weeks. There were many infusion bottles and infusion sets soaked in place. Several workers cleaned the infusion bottles. The room was full of large cartons filled with infusion sets

these purchasers come from Henan and have been in this yard for twoorthree years. In this area, there are at least three groups of Henan people who do the business of purchasing medical waste

arrogant acquisition scale is almost monopolistic

through several days of investigation and unannounced visits, three groups of Henan people have mastered the route of acquiring medical waste. Henan, which has purchased medical waste, has a prosperous life. When busy, at least four of the same vans are working at the same time

at about 9:00 a.m. on February 24, I came to one of them. Looking through the crack in the gate of the yard, a worker was sitting in front of the door working. He peeled the aluminum sheet and leather plug on the infusion bottle with special pliers. Beside him, I saw a bag full of infusion sets

how many hospitals does such a huge amount of medical waste come from

at about 9 a.m. on March 3, the van of "Liao alm886" appeared again at the side door of the workshop in Gan Guan village. They drove along the second ring road to a famous provincial hospital in Heping District of Shenyang. They drove the car near the hospital and slowly approached the side door of the provincial hospital...

in the next few days of unannounced visits, they found that while this car was purchased, other vehicles in gan'an Prefecture that purchased medical waste often went to hospitals in the city

a van with a license plate number of "Liao ajl662" came to a large hospital in Shenhe District, Shenyang. The van directly entered the side door of the hospital. About an hour later, the van was full of bottles and left

it is learned from an insider that Henan Medical Waste purchasers in Gan Guan area almost monopolize the underground medical waste trading market

shocked many hospitals and clinics are selling

at 8:30 a.m. on March 10, tracking a van. In the Dongta community health service center in Dadong District, opposite the 204 bus stop of 274, United North 1st Road, Dadong District, two men driving a truck to purchase are loading a large bag of medical waste into the truck

20 minutes later, the truck went westward along the United North 1st Road and stopped at No. 18, United Road. There was the Liming western medicine internal medicine clinic. Two men took out more than ten boxes of drip bottles from the clinic

then, they went northward along Pangjiang street. Near the Second Ring Road, the truck turned into guanquanyuan community. They stopped at a clinic in building 7 of Shenyang railway. They took out many boxes from the clinic. When they walked up, they found that two cartons were full of used needles and infusion sets

just as two young men were wandering between several district hospitals and small clinics in the big east district and stuffed bags of disposable syringes, infusion sets, infusion bottles and other medical waste into the van, the one who tracked them to the door of a clinic in Liaoshen Third Street opened the door when they were not prepared...

more than 30 bags of used disposable infusion bags, syringes and other medical waste were found in the car. Some medical waste is stained with shocking blood

subsequently, the owner was identified. The two car owners are young people in their 20s with foreign accents. At this time, they still pretended to be calm when they saw that the truck had been loaded with boxes of medical garbage

in that year, the sales volume exceeded 100 million yuan, and the "disposable infusion set" logo was written on the carton. Ask the car owner: "you are collecting medical waste. Do you have the permission from the relevant departments?" The two young men were somewhat alert, but had to admit that it was impossible to turn off the license by measuring their output voltage

it was learned from the conversation that he came from Henan and there were several large "medical waste" purchase stations near his residence in Shenyang. His medical waste is sent to these purchase stations. During this interview, the two young people revealed the dark curtain of operating "medical waste" to

"it really makes money." A man said. The price of a kilogram of "finished" infusion set purchased from medical waste is 1 yuan, but when they sell it to "key customers", it is 1.9 yuan, sometimes even higher. One kilogram of garbage earned 90 cents, and 100 kilograms of medical garbage were recycled every day, making a net profit of 90 yuan. In general, they collect more than 100 kg of medical waste every day

flow to the plastic products processing plant

two young men then provided more information to the and decided to further investigate the final flow of medical waste

in the next few days, according to the information provided by the young man, he made unannounced visits to several purchase sites specializing in purchasing plastics

most of the owners of the acquisition sites also need to inspect the influence of the change of process parameters on the color when they see the adjustment. All the dough holes indicate that the infusion bottles and infusion sets are not very dare to accept

we can still learn from the conversations with the boss in some acquisition sites that the next destination for medical waste is the plastic processing plant

on the morning of March 17, a person who knew that the service life of the anti-corrosion coating was more than twice as long as that of the traditional anti-corrosion coating told him that the medical waste was transferred from the purchaser to the plastic purchasing station, which was only an intermediate link. The plastic purchasing station stores many plastic products such as medical waste in the purchasing station after simple classification

in order to save costs, some illegal enterprises producing plastic bags come here to collect these reusable plastic products, return to the processing plant for treatment, and process them into plastic bags that are often used in people's daily life. However, the medical waste in the raw materials for making plastic bags is only a small part of the raw materials

hidden dangers medical waste is extremely harmful

at about 10 a.m. yesterday, an old doctor from a municipal hospital in Shenyang said after listening to the introduction, he analyzed the two destinations after the infusion set was recycled: first, it was sold to the relevant handicraft factory; Second, the illegal traders once again flow to the society

the old doctor said that if this kind of infusion set is recycled and used again, the consequences will be unimaginable. Even if the patients who use this infusion device do not have blood return reaction, it will still bring bacterial and viral contamination

the pyrogen carried by the unclean infusion set is also easy to cause the infusion reaction of patients, and a very few people may be life-threatening due to improper handling. If the patient has a blood returning reaction during infusion, the infusion set carries the patient's blood. Many infectious diseases are transmitted through blood


inadequate supervision driven by interests

why is there a huge amount of medical waste flowing out before strict regulations and laws? Economic interest is a great temptation to cause the outflow of medical waste

these things that would not have turned into money have become a cash cow for some people. And the middleman will make a fortune because of his "little effort"

according to the regulations, these dirty things are managed. However, such a large amount of the medical waste was not stopped when it flowed out. Some hospital directors do not know that their subordinates are stealing and selling things that should not be sold. More hospitals make money with the tacit consent of their leaders. If the supervisors really take responsibility for them, there may not be such a large amount of medical waste flowing out

in addition, too light punishment is also a reason for the outflow of these medical wastes. The insider said, "if you let someone catch you, you will be fined at most." This is the common idea of many medical institution staff who resell medical garbage


it is strictly forbidden to recycle medical waste without permission. The law of the people's Republic of China on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste and the regulations on the administration of medical waste issued by the State Council clearly stipulate that medical waste cannot be recycled through any means. The medical waste in our city must be recycled by the medical department and the environmental protection department, and handed over to the municipal medical waste disposal center for treatment. It is absolutely not allowed to recycle without permission

articles 14 and 53 of the regulations on the management of medical waste issued by the Ministry of health and Article 16 of the administrative punishment measures for the management of medical waste all stipulate the behavior of buying and selling medical waste:

it is prohibited for any unit or individual to transfer or buy and sell medical waste. Where medical wastes are transferred or traded, the competent administrative department of environmental protection of the local people's government at or above the county level shall order the transfer, and the buyer and the Seller shall immediately stop their illegal acts, give a warning, and

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