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China Mobile Tietong Fujian customer service center has opened "he family micro clothes"

in order to improve the handling capacity of the customer service center for broadband faults, reduce the number of work orders for faults, and effectively reduce the pressure on frontline cities to open computers and power amplifiers, the customer service center has gathered wisdom, developed and innovated, developed and used official account, and accepted and solved broadband faults

in the next 10 years, after several months of communication and coordination with relevant departments, at present, and family micro suits have been launched and are in the internal testing stage. More than 300 people have paid attention to and used them. How can the newly purchased metallographic microscope system be installed and used? Strong support from many business departments

the creation of customer service has created a new obstacle removal channel, which has changed the traditional way of communication with customers. In the past, customer service personnel can only provide one-to-one service, but now they can communicate with multiple users at the same time. We have listed multiple users to achieve the efficient operation of one to many. At the same time, it can alleviate the obstacle removal pressure of customer service personnel, improve efficiency, and bring diversified and convenient services to users

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