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On February 16, the China Packaging Federation successfully held the Tokyo Seminar on the development of China's packaging industry in Tokyo and promoted the 2012 Beijing International Packaging Expo, which aroused strong repercussions from Japan's packaging, cosmetics, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and other industries

at the seminar, Shi Wan, vice chairman of the World Packaging Organization and President of the China Packaging Federation, measured the experimental data, which showed that Peng made a comprehensive and detailed analysis and explanation on the opportunities and market space faced by China's packaging industry from the aspects of the world economic situation and the main advantages of pellethane TPU in China's economy, including: trend, etc. He stressed that China and Japan have extensive cooperation space in the packaging field, and should seize the growth opportunity of industries closely related to packaging, and work closely with the government and enterprises to achieve new growth in the packaging industry between China and Japan. Japanese enterprises are invited to China to participate in the Beijing International Packaging Expo held in China from July 3 to 6. Chairman Shi's wonderful speech won warm applause from the Chinese and Japanese guests

against the background of global economic slowdown, China's packaging industry has still developed rapidly with an average growth rate of about 18% in recent years. China's packaging industry has become one of the important industries in China's national economy as its economic aggregate continues to expand and its scientific and technological content is also increasing. As the largest comprehensive packaging exhibition in China, 2012 Beijing International Packaging Expo provides a series of incentive policies for exhibitors at home and abroad. In order to speed up the entry of overseas exhibitors' exhibits, international exhibitors' exhibits will enter China through ATA carnet (ATA carnet) shipping procedures. This method will save storage costs for exhibitors and facilitate the itinerant exhibition and sale of exhibits. The exhibition officer and chipf pre exhibition newsletter will report the exhibitors and exhibits to professional visitors at home and abroad in an all-round way

Asahi Kasei, Itochu paper, Prince paper, Mitsubishi resin, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toyo can making, letterpress printing 3 Nearly 300 well-known enterprises in the cosmetics, dairy and pharmaceutical industries, such as Kao of Japan, morinag dairy, Chinese and foreign pharmaceutical, and Dayang pharmaceutical industry, which have widely used packaging, attended the Expo. They were satisfied with the thoughtful and meticulous service of the Expo and expressed their willingness to participate in or visit China in the future

Mr. Niu Jianguo, Minister counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Japan, attended the seminar and delivered a speech on behalf of chengyonghua, Chinese ambassador to Japan. Representatives from Japan Packaging Technology Association, Japan Packaging Machinery Industry Association, Japan Trade Promotion Agency, Japan printing association, Japan printing industry association, Japan Food Packaging Association, food container industry association, Japan Industry Alliance, Japan paper making Federation, Hong Kong Trade Development Council and other organizations attended the meeting. Among them, Japan Packaging Technology Association, Japan Packaging Machinery Industry Association and Japan Trade Promotion Agency, as overseas support units of Beijing International Packaging Expo, will vigorously organize their member groups to participate in the exhibition

the successful holding of this seminar has promoted the cooperation between China and Japan in different packaging industries and enterprises, but the oscillation in the transportation process is inevitable. It has strengthened the cooperation concept of mutual benefit and win-win results, and promoted the trade cooperation in the packaging industry of both sides to a new level. It has been recognized by the Japanese printing agency, the Oita contract agency, the Xinhua overseas Chinese News Agency, the people's China magazine, the modern China Daily The people's overseas edition of the Japanese monthly, the Chinese industry and other domestic and foreign media reported extensively

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