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China Packaging Association held the first symposium on "research topics on China's packaging industry development policies" China Packaging Technology Association held the first symposium on "research topics on China's packaging industry development policies" in Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province on June 22, 2002. Comrade Qian Jin, full-time vice president and Secretary General of China Packaging Technology Association, comrade zhangxiaoqi, vice president of China Packaging Technology Association and President of Zhuzhou Institute of technology, presided over the meeting respectively, and more than 10 experts and scholars from relevant parties attended the meeting. The conference discussed the current situation, existing problems, investment and financing policies, fiscal and tax policies, import and export policies, technical standards, technical equipment and other issues of China's packaging industry, made a comparative analysis of the measurement results of the experimental machine to ensure the development of the international packaging industry and China's packaging industry, and deeply discussed the role of industry associations and the development trend of China's packaging industry in the future. After the meeting, China Packaging Technology Association will conduct research on the development policies of China's packaging industry in the whole industry with the cooperation of local packaging associations, professional committees, domestic key enterprises and relevant experts

present at the meeting were: Dr. limingsheng, economic research center of the State Economic and Trade Commission, xuyanru, director of the State Commission for Discipline Inspection, chenpingsheng, the head of the universal testing machine and pressure testing machine, Wen Xizhi, the Deputy Secretary General of Hunan Association for packaging industry, Jiang, the vice president of Zhuzhou Institute of technology, Professor Yang Liandeng, Professor daihongmin of Chongqing Yuzhou University, Chenmingzheng, senior engineer of Shanghai Packaging Technology Research Institute, Dr. zhangchangfan, Professor zhangyinggao, Dr. Zhu Heping, professors yangfuxin, wangrunqiu and liuyusheng of Zhuzhou Institute of technology

China Packaging Association will hold a symposium on the research on the development policy of China's packaging industry with the participation of representatives from all walks of life

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