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Successful software development in China's packaging industry packaging world magazine took the lead in settling down in China

excerpted from China packaging daily on October 20, the software of "China's packaging industry" with scientific design and perfect functions was successfully developed and debugged; The complete program of "China packaging industry" ( is composed of product retrieval, packaging Yahoo, supply and demand information, enterprise advertising, market conditions, industry, packaging policy, packaging window, packaging conference, packaging forum, e-mail service, friendly links, packaging publications and other modules. Visitors can access all modules of China packaging industry for free and release supply and demand information for free. The establishment of "China's packaging industry" station is an important project for the packaging industry to meet the arrival of the information age in the 21st century. It has important significance and role for the development of the packaging industry. There are 10 large-scale plastic markets. "China's packaging industry" was jointly developed by this newspaper and CITIC Shangqiao. With the purpose of "everything for the packaging industry, everything for the packaging industry", the mission of "promoting China's QN packaging industry to move towards the information society in the 21st century" and the service object of Chinese and foreign packaging users, it has received widespread attention from all walks of life in the packaging industry and the society since its establishment on September 1. Packaging world magazine took the lead in participating in the cooperation, opened a network times column in the magazine, and published the electronic version of packaging world magazine on the. At the same time, the Zhejiang Provincial Association of contractors also included the construction and development of the station in the work agenda of the association in 2000. "China's packaging industry" aims at providing comprehensive and accurate packaging information and is open to enterprises free of charge. Enterprises can not only seek business, market, raw materials, equipment and funds, but also publicize themselves in the market, so as to open up international and domestic markets. "China's packaging industry" has advanced technology and equipment, a wide range of packaging information resources and cooperative relations, which can provide users with rapid industry, the latest trends, relevant policies, industry information, industry forecasts, as well as domestic and foreign industry supply and demand information, product prices, enterprise directories, industry standards, etc. the enterprise database collects the packaging information of thousands of large and medium-sized enterprises at home and abroad for users to query, With the accuracy, authority, timeliness of information sources and advantages in information services, it has built a bridge for China's packaging industry to enter the information age of the 21st century. It is an Electronic Encyclopedia for the packaging industry. Internet is the best tool for the business community to expand the market. At present, Internet has more than 100million users, covering more than 180 countries and regions around the world. According to experts' prediction, by the end of this year, 5 The assembly quality of Internet users in China will reach 800/Font>10million households. Therefore, joining Internet means mastering a huge industrial market. Internet can improve the image of enterprises, update the promotion mode, power units T, kg, N, kn, G, LB, obtain market information, conduct network trade and close business contacts. In the near future, e-mail will be as popular as fax. Mr. yangzhiyuan, co-founder of Yahoo! In the United States, pointed out at the 99 Fortune Forum: "in the 21st century, enterprises that are not good at using Internet will be eliminated. Using Internet in business activities will be a common symbol of successful enterprises in all industries." It is reported that in order to welcome the arrival of the information age in the 21st century, "China packaging industry" will carry out the activity of "settling down" for packaging enterprises. At that time, packaging enterprises will easily drive onto the information highway. Zhoulicheng

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