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China Light Industry Machinery Association issued a notice on free organization to observe the manufacturing base of users

in order to better serve the exhibitors of "2010 China International Plastic and rubber injection molding industry exhibition" (hereinafter referred to as CIM2010), serve the plastic and rubber equipment and raw material manufacturers, and let the plastic and rubber equipment and raw material manufacturers better understand the use and application of their products in users, In order to better explore new markets and new fields and promote the development of plastic and rubber injection industry, CIM2010 organizing committee, such as China Light Industry Machinery Association, conducted extensive communication with automotive, electronics, electrical appliances, home appliances, medical and other application industries according to the actual situation of the industry, and determined to organize CIM2010 exhibitors to visit the production and manufacturing bases of some well-known user enterprises for free during the exhibition from September 15 to 17, 2010

the enterprises to be visited are: TEDA 4D enterprise package 2. Cleaning and cleaning: the minimum size of packaging Co., Ltd. and TEDA Dingsheng plastic shall not be greater than, mm material packaging Co., Ltd., TEDA Guanya plastic products Co., Ltd., Tianjin Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Tianjin hanahao medical materials Co., Ltd., Inoue (Tianjin) Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Jiutian (Tianjin) Auto Parts Co., Ltd Songmeike (Tianjin) Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Hantian Electronic Technology (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., kets (Tianjin) electronic parts Co., Ltd., Lijin Electronics (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., green dot Rixin (Tianjin) Co., Ltd., etc

in order to ensure the smooth progress of this activity, relevant exhibitors are requested to carefully fill in the "CIM 2010 observation user manufacturing base registration form", seal and return it to the CIM organizing committee. The organizing committee will provide two free observation places for each exhibitor. If additional personnel are required, the Organizing Committee will charge the corresponding costs. The specific arrangement of this activity will be notified to the applicant enterprises before August 31, 2010

at the same time, exhibitors can also download the corresponding forms and send them back to the organizing committee. Click to download the application form

contact information of the Organizing Committee:

Beijing Zhongqing Yatai Plastic Technology Co., Ltd.


Fax: +


contact person: Miss Li Xiaoye

China Light Industry Machinery Association

June 28, 2010

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