Idyllic Mediterranean hybrid wonderful space

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Renderings of mixed style: the background of the space is light coffee, and the choice of furniture can be white and light wood furniture; Curtains, sofas, lighting, etc. can be mainly low color tones and cotton fabrics, or small broken flowers, stripes, lattice patterns; The choice of ornaments may as well be national and retro. Collocation should have both harmony and contrast

renderings of mixed style: the design of kitchen spotlights should be the most humanized. Spotlights are installed in every use space, such as bowl slots, cupboards, storage racks, rice cookers, microwave ovens, etc., so that convenience can be brought to each console, including spotlights on the inside of the cupboard, which really makes the best use of everything

mix and match style rendering: the storage space can be closed or open. The open storage space also has the function of the display cabinet. Put a few small collections of owners, which are beautiful and intimate, and also play a role in decorating the space

mix and match style effect picture: in order to have more storage space, the bathroom has been adjusted. The bathroom space of the original room is relatively large, and the owner thinks it is too wasteful of space, so the designer reduces the area of the bathroom





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