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Ma Yun once said, "the era of pure e-commerce has passed, and the next decade is the era of new retail. In the future, online and offline must be combined." With the advent of the new retail era, more convenient, time-saving and personalized retail consumption has become the general trend. What marketing means should the home building materials industry use to present products to more consumers, so as to better increase the stickiness of consumer groups

coating, as an important subdivision of the home building materials industry, has extremely special industry characteristics. Coatings are low-frequency consumer goods, and they are also cold focus products. Most consumers will not take the initiative to understand and pay attention to such products when they have no home decoration needs. Therefore, if enterprises can take the lead in popular science before consumers shop, they will have a much greater grasp of orders

paint and other household building materials products are semi-finished products, and the final decorative effect can be reflected only by completing the construction. Only by forming favorable and effective scenarios and scenario solutions for consumers' consumption can we promote purchase, form traffic and transform it into consumers' rigid needs

as an advocate of the water paint industry, Chenyang water paint has been focusing on the research, development and production of environmental friendly water paint for 20 years. In order to bring the most environmentally friendly products to thousands of households, it has also been closely following the needs of customers and constantly providing service innovation and upgrading

recently, at the Beijing Chenyang water paint bird's nest exhibition hall, a new retail reform in the paint industry is being staged. Chenyang water paint will launch the first smart Experience Hall in the paint industry on November 11

in the smart experience Museum, intelligent robots can bring us store guidance, brand information introduction, service introduction and other guidance services. Cloud shelf connects offline stores and online channels, and solves the pain point that traditional store commodity display can only see and can't place orders directly. You can browse commodities, add purchases and place orders through intelligent terminals

intelligent interaction brings consumers a "what you see is what you get" experience. You can see the overall effect of decoration style, furniture layout and jewelry matching according to your own needs

with the upgrading of consumer demand and the rapid iteration of technology, consumers' consumption concept and consumption ability are upgrading synchronously, and household building materials have to be changed. From brand upgrading to service upgrading, Chenyang water paint will create a new shopping experience for consumers. On November 11, let's go to the Chenyang water paint bird's nest wisdom experience hall to experience it





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