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■ Information Daily reporter Li Xun, China Jiangxi network reporter Xiao Yanyan, Hu Wei/Wen data news review: ye Tao

on the 6th, a media published the news "low price decoration is fishy! Nanchang Boloni whole house customization company reneged" which attracted widespread attention of netizens. Ms. Jiang, a Nanchang citizen, customized the cabinets and wardrobes of the whole house in Boloni company, and gave the decoration of her new house to a company called Wantong decoration on the recommendation of her company. However, after spending more than 500000 yuan, Wantong decoration company suddenly stopped working. The reason given by the other party is that their two companies are "partners" and drive the sales of cabinets and wardrobes through low-cost decoration. The customization cost of cabinets and wardrobes must reach a certain amount, otherwise it cannot make up for the losses caused by low-cost decoration. According to Jiangxi Daily Dajiang big data research center, since January 2018, there have been at least 22 public news reports caused by complaints about decoration problems in Jiangxi Province


poor decoration quality ranks first in complaints

according to incomplete statistics, since January 2018, there have been 22 complaints about decoration problems in Jiangxi Province. In public news reports, the poor quality of decoration, the runaway of decoration companies and their principals, and the overcharge of decoration costs have become the three major issues of consumer complaints

in cases of poor decoration quality problems, complaints about moldy walls and easily damaged floors account for a relatively high proportion. In addition, decoration companies cheat routines and fail to deliver houses on time have also become important issues of consumer complaints

most netizens are not satisfied with decoration companies

according to the statistical analysis of Jiangxi Daily Dajiang big data research center, netizens mainly have the following six views on "low-cost decoration chaos": 35% of netizens roast about similar phenomena and question "where is a deceptive decoration company now"; 27% of netizens believed that they should not be greedy for petty gains, and put forward some suggestions to the decoration demander; 20% of netizens condemned the decoration company's suspected fraud and believed that it should "be less routine and more sincere"; Some netizens said they understood the practices of businesses and believed that nowadays business is difficult to do and some customers are difficult to serve. In addition, 6% of netizens suggested that the relevant departments should strengthen the supervision of the decoration market:

excerpt of views

condemnation of suspected fraud

netizen "mobile phone user 59170923560": the packages played by decoration workers are half finished projects, and they will not give you a total decoration cost at all. Many people will not look at the items and quantities written in the contract carefully, and decoration companies will handle them according to the contract in case of disputes

netizen "Wang Xinggang 34682176": he paid a deposit first, and after the construction started, he either increased the price or secretly changed materials

believes that we should not be greedy for small and cheap things and advises

netizens "Lai Shi 25": many people like to be greedy for small and cheap things

netizens "birthday baby": why not directly ask the construction team for construction

netizen "Cheng Yaojin, his ancestor": every penny counts, and there will be no pie in the sky. Those who covet small gains will eventually suffer heavy losses. This is a theorem

from the perspective of businesses, it is difficult to do business.

netizens "parallel nonsense": it seems that business is difficult to do, and if you can't sustain it, you have to run with money

netizen "acc542": now some customers are also difficult to serve

it is suggested to strengthen supervision

netizens "king in the world 54597206": the state should pay attention to this phenomenon, just like an undocumented doctor who comes out to practice medicine and is afraid to think about it

netizens "seventh sense 56": is it OK to run? This is fraud and should be punished severely


decoration companies attract consumers to "hook" at low prices

how to save money, worry and effort to decorate the house well is a major problem faced by many consumers. Behind the seemingly "high cost performance", there are complaints from consumers due to poor decoration quality, delayed construction period, and many additional items. Even some enterprises have been exposed frequently that their capital chain is broken or even run away

through the analysis of the above cases, Dajiang big data research center of Jiangxi Daily found that consumers frequently complained and dissatisfied in the decoration process, and the reason was concentrated on the price. In recent years, the decoration market has expanded rapidly, and fierce competition has made "low-cost decoration" an important means for decoration companies to attract consumers. In order to make up for the low price and fail to meet the profit standard, it is easy to have poor quality decoration materials, force consumers to buy furniture or charge extra fees during the decoration process. Therefore, it is very important for consumers to enhance the awareness of risk prevention and strengthen the screening of decoration enterprises





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