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Wholesale tiles, manufacturers direct supply of goods, Guangdong Foshan Loulan tile manufacturers direct wholesale supply

wholesale tiles, manufacturers direct supply of goods, Guangdong Foshan Loulan tile manufacturers direct wholesale supply! In 1993, Loulan ceramics rose up in Foshan, the "ceramic capital of southern China". Later, he became famous in the ceramic tile industry. First, he was famous for wood grain bricks, and then shocked the industry with porcelain and wood flooring. Loulan's brand strength is obvious! Loulan has been exporting until 2008, so it has excellent product quality. After 25 years of sedimentation, Loulan has stood out among many high-quality ceramic tile manufacturers and become one of the first-line international brands. Loulan has come a long way. After the reshuffle of enterprises, the impact of the Internet, the impact of high environmental pressure, the rise in raw material prices, the poor situation of foreign trade, overcapacity and other tests, Loulan can still stand and become better, which proves the strength of Loulan

wholesale ceramic tiles are directly supplied by manufacturers, and Guangdong Foshan Loulan ceramic tile manufacturers are directly supplied by wholesale! Loulan home furnishing Co., Ltd. is a professional direct supply factory of ceramic tiles, which is directly supplied by the manufacturer. The first-hand source of goods is traded at the first-hand price, minus the intermediate links, and the purchase cost is saved by 30%! 25 years of big brand, quality assurance

Loulan home now has three large production bases, with an average daily output of 80000 square meters, complete categories and sufficient inventory! Loulan introduced advanced production equipment and mastered mature production technology; There are also strict requirements on the selection of raw materials. High quality raw materials such as environmental friendly ink and natural clay are selected and put into production. The product quality is safe and assured, and each product is directly supplied at the ex factory price. For details, please contact the hotline: 13242103182




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