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German dog mobile phone lock that can be unlocked with a mobile phone, is your door lock smart?

when you go downstairs, you always wonder whether the door is locked.

you want to go back for inspection, but you're afraid of being late for work.

just closed the door and found that the key is locked at home.


I believe that many people have had such bad luck... However, now there is a smart door lock that can help you solve this problem. Friends can rest assured Go out with peace of mind ~ ~ ~

the German dog mobile phone door lock designed and developed by nordun company, mobile phone app, mechanical key, password, fingerprint unlocking and other ways to unlock flexibly, allowing you to lock the door anytime and anywhere or unlock for someone you trust. You can choose the way to open the door according to your needs, and you don't have to worry about leaving the key at home or forgetting to lock the door anymore

the door lock of German dog mobile phone has the functions of camera and voice intercom button. If someone attempts to unlock the lock with technology, once the mechanical key hole cover is opened, the camera will automatically take pictures and push the alarm information to the owner's mobile phone

the voice intercom module built in the door lock of German dog mobile phone can carry out voice intercom with visitors. When a friend visits, you can click the door lock intercom button to talk with you. If you happen to be away from home, but don't want your friends to wait outside the door. Don't worry, you can unlock the door remotely with your mobile phone. In this way, friends can smoothly enter the door to drink tea and watch TV, and they won't feel rejected

worried about the children not coming home on time after school? You can remotely check the door lock opening record in the information center and get the family home situation at any time

relatives and friends come all the way to stay for a few more days, but they can't open the door for them every time. You can record their fingerprints as needed, let them in and out of the house at any time, and delete their fingerprints until they leave. Is it very smart and convenient

the door lock of German dog mobile phone is connected to the power supply at home, which can supply power continuously without replacing the battery. A friend asked, what if there was a power failure? What about this situation

the door lock of German dog mobile phone has a built-in battery, which can support the door lock to continue working for more than 24 hours in case of power failure. If you forget to pay the electricity bill by accident, how many days of power failure? It doesn't matter. The power bank interface we reserved can finally come in handy...

these days, smart door locks that can't open doors remotely from mobile phones are really bad door locks!!! German dog mobile phone lock, you deserve it

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