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Forecast: it is a development trend for China's packaging machinery to move towards the high-end line

[China Packaging News] in recent years, China's packaging machinery has entered a period of slow development. From the perspective of the development and market demand of the whole industry, backward technology and obsolete equipment are restricting the development of enterprises. In order to get rid of the current situation, the packaging machinery industry must choose innovation. With the improvement of quality requirements, It also predicts that it is a development trend for packaging machinery to move towards the high-end route

lack of high-end technological innovation in packaging machinery is not enough.

at present, the overall technical level of packaging machinery in many enterprises is still not up to standard, and they can not produce leading equipment to meet market demand. In addition, there is no perfect development plan in the industry, and the government lacks the corresponding macro-control that has been put into operation in the whole line, resulting in the relatively backward development of domestic packaging machinery

domestic packaging machine enterprises lack high-end technology, so many products are imported from abroad. Although this has greatly accelerated the development of China's packaging industry and narrowed the gap between China's packaging industry and developing countries, over reliance on foreign high-end technology and technical equipment is not conducive to the overall improvement of China's packaging industry technology and the development of its own intellectual property rights, It is not conducive to cultivating our own professional designers, so we should strengthen the investment in science and technology, put an end to excessive reliance on foreign high-end technology, and strengthen independent innovation

moreover, China's packaging machine industry lacks professional high-tech talents and insufficient scientific research, which is not conducive to the research and development of new products. Many enterprises mainly focus on sales, lack scientific research institutions, and can not transform technology into productivity. Therefore, it is also necessary to cultivate a large number of scientific research personnel and establish special scientific research institutions to enhance product innovation. It can be seen that the long-term development of the packaging machine industry is still to break the old rules and cannot be separated from innovation

accelerate the transformation 1. Refrigeration system and compressor of low-temperature impact testing machine: in order to ensure that the requirements for the cooling rate and minimum temperature of the test box are upgraded to meet the market demand of high-end products

at present, the packaging machinery is only at a low level of primary intelligence, and the continuous development of the domestic food industry puts forward higher requirements for intelligence, This means that we have the necessity and ability to develop advanced intelligent food packaging technology in combination with specific application needs

at present, the demand for low-end packaging machinery in the domestic market will tend to shrink, and the overall demand for traditional equipment will also decrease. The requirements for products have gradually changed to focus on equipment appearance, structural design and expanded application. At present, the automotive lightweight work is still facing challenges and improving reliability. Therefore, domestic packaging machinery enterprises should shift their focus, and further shift to high-end packaging machinery and equipment while stabilizing the middle and low-end market and briefly introducing the test function of spring fatigue testing machine in this paper, so as to promote the overall technical content and technical level of China's high-end packaging machines

in terms of product structure adjustment, we should change the situation of low technology content as soon as possible, learn from foreign advanced technology, and develop and produce large complete sets of equipment and high-tech products with high efficiency, low consumption and the right production and marketing. Develop suitable packaging equipment according to the national conditions, accelerate the upgrading of packaging machinery, and further develop the domestic and international market

for packaging machinery, the continuous expansion of the domestic food market and the continuous emergence of new varieties have brought great opportunities and challenges. The domestic food packaging machinery industry must accelerate the transformation and upgrading, and vigorously improve the automation and intelligence level of products to meet the needs of the higher-end product equipment market

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