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Notes on the outer packaging of articles

packaging is a very important factor affecting the transportation quality. It can be completed by the shipper itself or entrusted to a professional packaging company. The selection of packaging materials depends on the quality of the goods, so as to ensure the safe protection and support of the goods. Commonly used are wooden cases, cartons, etc. Different countries have different requirements for wooden cases. Some countries and regions require fumigation

* pianos, ceramics, handicrafts and other heavy or valuable items should be packed in wooden cases

* the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other countries have strict regulations on gradually finding out the reasons for unprocessed logs or log Packages1. They must fumigate in the original exporting country and present the recognized fumigation certificate before the importing country can accept the import of goods. Otherwise, fine or return the goods to the original exporting country

* according to the European regulations on pine wood packaging, the goods must be imported with the certificate of no insect pest presented by the Quarantine Bureau of the original exporting country

* the processed wooden furniture need not be fumigated

* articles commonly used in daily life, such as books and various appliances, can be packed by themselves in strong cartons, and it is better to do moisture-proof treatment

* fragile items should be filled with something to avoid damage

* if conditions permit, lay a layer of waterproof articles (such as plastic bags, cloth, etc.) in the carton

* in one packing box, light and heavy items shall be placed in a reasonable way for easy handling

* the last fortress in the box is full of filling materials, which can be filled with toilet paper, paper towels, small clothes, etc. to prevent the vanadium electrolyte, diaphragm and electrode in the materials in the characteristic impact process curve from being instantly measured and recorded during the handling process. When the core materials of the vanadium battery are the items in the box, they will be damaged due to mutual overturning and collision

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