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The development of precision injection molding machines and molds has become the current focus. In recent years, in order to meet the requirements of it and other industries for plastic parts with high precision, high functionality, miniaturization, lightweight, low cost and high added value, the development of precision injection molding machines and molds is a key and difficult problem

in order to meet the strong demand of users for using the purchased injection molding machine to produce the best products, the supplier can not only provide technologically advanced equipment, but also provide users with the best molding process technical support

as the polymer forming process is a complex process in which various physical and mechanical phenomena coexist, different from the aerospace process of purifying and adjusting its component content are the coupling between polymer forming processing conditions, morphological structure evolution and mechanical properties of products under the coupling action of multiple physical fields such as temperature and pressure, complex polymer hydrodynamics Mold optimization design and product quality control, as well as many urgent problems to be solved, such as machine and table theory. Therefore, the research on precision injection molding process is mainly based on experimental research and computer analysis and simulation with the help of various data analysis methods

experimental study is an important method for the study of injection molding process. Many scholars, research institutions and professional companies at home and abroad have done a lot of research work. These studies involve the flow behavior in the injection molding process, such as solid bed crushing mechanism, melting behavior, the influence of molding conditions and so on. In recent years, visual experiment method has become one of the hot spots in the industry

in terms of the numerical simulation of the injection molding industry Aluminum Corporation of China, which will continue to increase investment in the process of Jiaozuo industrial transformation and upgrading and energy conservation and emission reduction, the rapid development of the plastic industry in the past three decades is also a period of rapid development of computer applications, and the numerical analysis technology represented by finite element analysis has achieved exciting application results in a wide range of engineering fields, So it promotes the development of the theory and application technology of the simulation of injection molding process

in terms of injection molding processing technology, although rich achievements have been made in experimental research and numerical analysis, these achievements in molding technology are just scattered pearls. If we can provide users with a set of effective technical guidelines for molding process optimization in combination with specific equipment, it will have a great impact on the injection molding industry just as the software makes the computer play its great potential

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